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Summer job at Nornir!

This summer I got my fist job as an industrial designer! Nornir is an operator company for low power devices and active RFID units. Keywords are Internet of Things, 3D-printing, 3D-modeling, graphic design and Real Time Web. Really excited to start!! Read more about Nornir here:

Inflatable bubble for Freedom

The 2. of May you could see a large inflatable structure placed at Universitetsplassen, just besides Karl Johan (the main street of Oslo). Being 17 x 17 meters the bubble made a huge indoor room for the curious audience to discover. The event was called FrihetsBobla, which means "The Bubble of Freedom", aiming to highlight and celebrate the freedom given to us as students of Norway. The event was arranged by AHO, with the student associations OSI Dans and Corpsus Juris joining in with their own creative show. The project was part of my examination at the elective course "Interactive spaces and environments" at AHO, with me being the project manager. Pictures taken by the event team and our


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