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Best Presentation | 24 Hour Inclusive Design, DogA

Winning the prize for Best Presentation was really a flying end at the "24. Hour Inclusive Design Challenge" at DogA. Here is our team member Eli Toftøy-Andersen presenting the concept CommuniKit — A modular building kit for backyards and open spaces. The concept brings people closer by communication and encouraging them to an even more social environment in their very own backyard. Learn more about the participants in the competition here:

I'm a dishwasher!

And that's really some hard work to be! Here is Nikolai M Låstad opening the door (me) bringing in all the dishes, soap and water (the rest of the team). The next 24 hours we're gonna be attending the "24 hour Inclusive Design Challenge" at DogA. Being busy with the challenge of "How to include refugees and immigrants in our society". Let's see what a dishwasher can do about that!


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